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Certified by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to

Mr. Shakti Ghosh

Radioactive Safety Navigator

A radioactive safety navigator is a tool designed to assist workers in safely navigating and working in areas where radioactive materials are present. The navigator typically includes a portable handheld device equipped with sensors that detect the presence and level of radiation in the surrounding area.

The device provides real-time information on radiation levels and alerts the user if they approach a dangerous level. It can also provide direction and guidance to help the user move away from areas with high radiation levels.

The navigator may also include additional features, such as a GPS system to track the user's location and alert them if they are approaching a known hazardous area, or a dosimeter to measure the user's cumulative exposure to radiation over time.

Overall, a radioactive safety navigator is an important tool for ensuring the safety of workers who must operate in environments where radioactive materials are present. It helps to minimize the risk of exposure to harmful levels of radiation and provides a greater level of confidence and control to those working in these environments.

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